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Jane McConnell
2 min readDec 8, 2023

Warm greetings to Qiufan “Stanley” Chen, Mark Gröb and Debbie Urbanski, my first podcast-video guests on Imaginize.World.

I’ll be sharing more about each episode later but wanted to give you an appetizer! The purpose of Imaginize.World is to share ideas about the future from scifi visionaries, pioneering organizations and forward thinkers along with their ideas about how to bring about change.

You can listen or watch each of the first three by clicking on the links or photos and moving directly to their pages on Imaginize.World.

Shaping our Reality with Chen Qiufan

A globally recognized leading Chinese scifi visionary, futurist and humanist, prize-winning Chen Qiufan (aka Stanley Chan), is the author of Waste Tide, 2013, published in English in 2019. He co-authored AI 2041: Ten Visions for our Future where Chen’s thought-provoking short stories are interspersed with co-author Kai-Fu Lee’s technology, science and societal. Shaping our Reality with Chen Qiufan.

Immersive Technology with Mark Gröb of UPS

In charge of Immersive Tech for UPS where he explored, built XR (extended reality) practice including numerous patents. Mark works with subject matter experts to develop innovations that solve real business problems. Their goal is to make immersive technology a normal business practice for UPS and partner companies. Immersive Technology with Mark Gröb of UPS

After World with Debbie Urbanski

In After World, Debbie explains her unusual idea of a Great Transition and a New Awakening. She is comfortable talking about the conflicting priorities we face with climate crisis, and the choice between preserving human life and/or earth. AI is more than “artificial intelligence” in After World. It is a strong force that comes alive as it witnesses the life of the last human on earth and falls in love. After World with Debbie Urbanski

All three people offer new perspectives and made me think. I got so much out of discussions with Stan, Mark and Debbie. I hope you do too!



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