Happy Birthday to Imaginize.World — 6 months old!

Jane McConnell
2 min readJun 15, 2024

Imaginize.World, video-audio podcast, has the privilege of hosting some powerful voices, people who are actively working towards building futures for all of us. Click on the link and scroll to see them all.

The goal of Imaginize.World is to help us think beyond our normal boundaries, learn from stories and ideas from people around the world, and build a better world for our children

The podcast has been going for 6 months. It’s a new activity for me. I have retired from advising global organizations which I had done for over 20 years.

I am now moving into new territory, one that gives me great satisfaction. The people I invite to join me in conversation all inspire me. They are so interesting, bringing new thoughts and ideas, I would continue even if no one else listened or watched!

Fortunately, there are people viewing and listening and I appreciate their moral and active support. Especially those who subscribe!

If you feel so inspired, consider checking out the home page of the website Imaginize.World, click on a person who catches your interest, and move to the person’s page where you’ll find links to the videos on YouTube, links to the audio podcast, information about the person, and a link to a full human-generated transcript. I’ve been told a lot of people appreciate the transcripts and would not watch or listen without them.

So, join us if you are so inclined, and feel free to share your feedback here or privately via the contact page of Imaginize.World.



Jane McConnell

Imaginize.World podcast-videos about the near future. Book: "The Gig Mindset Advantage". 20yrs advising large orgs, global research on culture & leadership.