Are you a gig mindsetter?

#Gigmindsetmondays - Stay tuned for a new one every Monday

Quick checkpoint from p 3 of the “Gig Mindset Advantage”.
If you answered “yes” or “sometimes” to two or more of the questions, the way you work is likely gig-mindset-oriented.

Question 3 is the hardest to live. What is your experience?

  1. Are you comfortable questioning the status quo in your organization for work practices or business strategies?
  2. Do you often “work out loud” — making your project work visible to people outside the immediate team before it is finished, and soliciting feedback from others?
  3. When you see a problem, do you feel free to take the initiative of working with others to solve it, without first getting approval from your manager?
  4. Do you spend a significant amount of time on external networking, to learn and share with people outside your organization?
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