We need new future scenarios. We need some far-out thinking, to imagine futures that may seem impossible or crazy today. Change is fast, and uncertainty stronger than ever. Our internal and external worlds are colliding, or, at best, merging.

My original workplace and digital organization research started back in 2006. Seems like a lifetime ago! The photo shows my visual approach: key points on post-its organized by year and by theme, all of which helped me see the gig mindset emerging in 2018–2020 when I wrote “The Gig Mindset Advantage”.
Today I’m exploring how people and future-leaning organizations are thinking. What they are doing (and not doing). And especially, how the external world is impacting organizations. What are your thoughts on the internal-external bridges?

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Stories from two taxi drivers

From the backseat

I was in Paris for work 4 days after the 13 November terrorist attacks in 2015 and talked to two taxi drivers who shared their experiences that night with me. Very moving. One of them was on the verge of tears as he talked.

I wrote about it here, and am calling it out again today as the trial in Paris opens.

I was honored to give the commencement speech at the Berlin School of Creative Leadership Executive MBA graduation.

The spirit of the graduates renews my faith in leadership and the future of organizations.

The graduates I saw and heard will certainly be leaders in organizations that are very different from the ones most of us know today. This is a quick note showing three “shapes” of organizations in the future: Shamrock, Haier-Rendanheyi and the IceHotel — all evocative of the gig mindset.

One graduate asked me “Are creative leaders gig mindsetters?” My answer? “Definitely yes!.”

Jane McConnell

Jane McConnell

Author: The Gig Mindset Advantage. 20+ yrs advising large organizations, 12 yrs of global research on work culture & leadership. Podcast: Boldnewbreed.com