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  1. Are you comfortable questioning the status quo in your organization for work practices or business strategies?
  2. Do you often “work out loud” — making your project work visible to people outside the immediate team before it is finished, and soliciting feedback from others?
  3. When you see a problem, do you feel free to take the initiative of working with others to solve it, without first getting approval from your manager?
  4. Do you spend a significant amount of time on external networking, to learn and share with people outside your organization?
    #networking #statusquo #initiatives

Stories from two taxi drivers

I wrote about it here, and am calling it out again today as the trial in Paris opens.

Jane McConnell

Author: The Gig Mindset Advantage. 20+ yrs advising large organizations, 12 yrs of global research on work culture & leadership. Podcast: Boldnewbreed.com

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